Photo credit: L. Brian Stauffer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Recent Publications of HEP-PH Group Members

A natural mechanism for approximate Higgs alignment in the 2HDM
ArXiv - 2011.13159
Patrick Draper, Andreas Ekstedt, Howard E. Haber

Dark Matter Detection With Bound Nuclear Targets: The Poisson Phonon Tail
ArXiv - 2011.09477
Yonatan Kahn, Gordan Krnjaic, Bashi Mandava

Dark Matter Interferometry
ArXiv - 2009.14201
Joshua W. Foster, Yonatan Kahn, Rachel Nguyen, Nicholas L. Rodd, Benjamin R. Safdi

Unraveling the Dirac Neutrino with Cosmological and Terrestrial Detectors
ArXiv - 2009.07852
Peter Adshead, Yanou Cui, Andrew J. Long, Michael Shamma

An Update to the Letter of Intent for MATHUSLA: Search for Long-Lived Particles at the HL-LHC
ArXiv - 2009.01693
Jessie Shelton et al.

CMB-S4: Forecasting Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves
ArXiv - 2008.12619
Peter Adshead et al.

Cannibal domination and the matter power spectrum
ArXiv - 2008.04311
Adrienne L. Erickcek, Pranjal Ralegankar, Jessie Shelton

Path Integrals for Causal Diamonds and the Covariant Entropy Principle
ArXiv - 2008.03449
Tom Banks, Patrick Draper, Szilard Farkas

Constraining early dark energy with gravitational waves before recombination
ArXiv - 2008.01732
Zachary J. Weiner, Peter Adshead, John T. Giblin Jr

Time-domain properties of electromagnetic signals in a dynamical axion background
ArXiv - 2007.01305
Peter Adshead, Patrick Draper, Benjamin Lillard

A Guaranteed Discovery at Future Muon Colliders
ArXiv - 2006.16277
Rodolfo Capdevilla, David Curtin, Yonatan Kahn, Gordan Krnjaic

Systematics in the XENON1T data: the 15-keV anti-axion
ArXiv - 2006.16220
Christopher Dessert, Joshua W. Foster, Yonatan Kahn, Benjamin R. Safdi

ArXiv - 2006.05687
Raymond T. Co, Nicolas Fernandez, Akshay Ghalsasi, Lawrence J. Hall, Keisuke Harigaya

BBN constraints on dark radiation isocurvature
ArXiv - 2006.01165
Peter Adshead, Gilbert Holder, Pranjal Ralegankar

Searching for low mass dark matter via phonon creation in superfluid 4He
ArXiv - 2005.08824
Gordon Baym, D. H. Beck, Jeffrey P. Filippini, C. J. Pethick, Jessie Shelton

Multimessenger Cosmology: correlating CMB and SGWB measurements
ArXiv - 2004.06619
Peter Adshead, Niayesh Afshordi, Emanuela Dimastrogiovanni, Matteo Fasiello, Eugene A. Lim, Gianmassimo Tasinato