Chicago-Area Pheno Symposium, Fall 2023

Speaker (Institution): Title

Session 1

11:30-12:30 Lunch and Social Hour

12:30-12:50 Aurora Ireland (UChicago/FNAL): Supermassive Primordial Black Holes from Inflation

12:50-1:10 Arushi Bodas (UChicago/FNAL): Seeing highly anisotropic gravitational wave backgrounds from phase transitions

1:10-1:30 Ian Harris (UIUC): Exploring Strongly and Weakly Coupled DM with the Molecular Migdal Effect

1:30-1:50 Tong Ou (UChicago/FNAL): Electroweak phase transition for dark sector induced baryogenesis

1:50-2:10 Avery Tishue (UIUC): Cosmological Gauge Field VEVs and Inflationary Gravitational Waves

2:10-2:30 Michael Wentzel (UIUC): Gravitational Wave Detection Techniques with Quantum Tools

Session 2

2:30-2:50 Coffee Break

2:50-3:10 Luis Hidalgo (UIUC): Simulating Strong-Field Quantum Electrodynamics on Near-Term Quantum Computers

3:10-3:30 Sohitri Ghosh (FNAL): Searching for Dark Matter with Mechanical Sensors

3:30-3:50 Yunjia Bao (UChicago): Hidden Symmetry in Singlet Extension to Standard Model

3:50-4:10 Pedro Bittar (Sao Paulo U/UChicago): Beyond the Standard Model Higgs Form Factors

4:10-4:30 Hersh Singh (FNAL): Fermionic anomalies and topological phases on the lattice: Ginsparg-Wilson relation and its generalizations