Chicago-Area BSM Pheno Symposium, Fall 2019



Session 1

Elina Fuchs / Fermilab / Electroweak Baryogenesis, Higgs rates and EDMs with dim-6 complex Yukawas

Carlos Blanco / University of Chicago / New Constraints on Dark Matter-Electron Scattering from Aromatic Organic Targets

Yikun Wang / University of Chicago / Electroweak phase transition in a spontaneous Z_2-breaking singlet extension of the SM

Cristian Gaidau / UIUC / Leak-in Dark Matter


Session 2

Rachel Nguyen / UIUC / Multi-ABRA: Detecting Axion Dark Matter in Multiple Detectors

Nina Coyle / University of Chicago / Bounding the Charm Yukawa

Matthias Schlaffer / University of Chicago / Constraining the Strange Yukawa Coupling